On this web page you will find our (handmade) Vintage Seventies Saxophone Neck Straps.

In the seventies these sort of straps were a real hype.

Some players used ordinary camera straps as you can see on some pictures below and other players used special made straps as you can see on some pictures below as well.

A lot of saxophone players used these straps because they were hip and cool.

If you are looking for a nice colorful seventies saxophone neck strap witch can be used for Tenor Sax, (also the Oldies with a higher ring) - Alto sax, Soprano and even for Baritone! you can find theme on this website.

These sax straps are very comfortable and can be ordered with a removable and adjustable neck pad.

The neck pad is equipped with small air cushions with a high level of comfort. Thanks to these air cushions, it continues to ventilate and you do not suffer from a sweaty feeling in the neck. The neck pad takes on the curve of the neck when worn. The pressure is also better distributed, so that the neck is less stressed.

Our carabiners have non-abrasive rubber coating, so that they do not scratch or wear away the metal of the instrument or the metal of the carabiner due to friction.

These straps are the most colorful and hippest straps you can get and because of the (metal hook) with rubber coating, one of the safest and best sax straps you can find.

Looking for a saxophone strap that you can be seen with and with the great added bonus that these straps do not slip. Check it out on our website! And also view our artists page with their endorsements.